Monday, June 30, 2008

Aarti Thaal

This is Aarti Ka Thaal decorated by me. First I painted the Thaal with glass outliner in golden color and then filled it with red and green glass colors. After that I sticked kundan on it.
After that I pasted thermocol balls with a dot of Rangoli color fabric outliner on them and sticked green and purple kundans between them. Then I sticked blue and orange kundans.
On the inner edge of the Thaal I made a wavy design with Copper color fabric outliner and sticked blue kundans. Then I pasted a gota on the outer edge of the Thaal.
Then I sticked decorated diyas around the main design and lastly pasted gota flowers between the diyas and around the main design.

Embroidered Greeting Card

I made this greeting card by doing embroidery on a separate piece of tear-shaped paper, then pinked the edges with the help of pinking shears, pasted it onto a red card paper with the help of double-sided tape(to give an embossed effect), then made a design with silver glitter pen and sticked white kundan onto it.

Hand Painted Saree

This is fabric painting done on a synthetic chiffon saree, only three colors r used, orange, chrome yellow and olive green. Flowers are done by strokes of orange and yellow and then outlining is done by yellow. Leaves are done by olive green and yellow taken simultaneously on the brush.

Wall Hanging

This is a wall hanging done with glass outliner n glass colors on OHP sheet. The framework is done by interweaving blue n yellow satin ribbons on a thick paper frame. The shading in the leaves is done by blending green+yellow colors with the help of safety pin. For an extra effect I used a poem printed on a paper and pasted it behind the painting.