Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"LiolioBirds" ..........A beautiful wallpaper by Luana
My rendition of Liolio Birds in Paper Quilling

My latest work in Paper Quilling...........This is my adaptation of a beautiful wallpaper named "Liolio Birds". I painted the background with the theme of sunset instead of sunrise as there was in the wallpaper . I have used two shades of brown in making the tree and floral punches for making flowers. The feathers used for making tails of both the birds are not the painted/colored real ones, but they too are made by fringing the paper.........It took too much time but I was really happy with the result


  1. hi !very creative n innovative work !!do check out mine at

  2. I just discovered your blog and love your work .I have passed on the versatile blogger award to you. Hop over to my blog to pick it up
    Dr Sonia S V

  3. I love everything about this: the colors, the details. Your version of the wallpaper is so close to the original one. I like how you made the feathers, they look so lifelike. Most impressed!

  4. Hello, Pallavi! Because I like your work so much, you have an award from me. Please visit my website and pick it up! http://manuk.ro/en/

  5. Thank you ManuK,
    I will definitely pick my award as soon as i get enough time to add new posts in my blog........:)

  6. Beautiful work Pallavi....no words , awesome !!!
    Could you please send the process of how did you go about making the same ( feathers n bird ).Thank you.