Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stencil Work

All these sarees n bedsheet is done by stencil work. For stencils, I traced the stencil design onto OHP sheets n then cut them using craft knife and small pointed scissors. I cut different stencils for different colors.
After that I diluted fabric paints in a small vessel and kept the stencils in the desired way on the cloth. Then using a piece of sponge/foam I did the stenciling work.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ज़मीन पर सितारे टूट कर यूँ आ गिरे हैं........
शायद किसी ने हमारे लिए अनगिनत खुशियाँ मांगी हैं........

Paper Quilling Greeting Card.

This is a paper quilling greeting card. I have used Royal blue acrylic color to give a wavy look of water as a base. Also pearl outliner for waves and bubbles. Fishes r done by quilling.

Mosaic Pot

This is an earthen pot on which mosaic work is done. For this work, i used small broken pieces of waste bone china crockery n glued onto the pot. Then I made a paste of water+white cement n filled the spaces between the pieces. After 2 hrs I dampened the pot n removed cement that was adhered to the pieces. For coloring, I used Red enamel paint and outlined the pieces using Bronze outliner.

Wood Peel Quilling Card

This is a wood peel quilling card. I simply used some already twisted peels and glued onto the card paper. Flowers were done in the same manner as a paper quilled flower is made. Did a little more decoration on them by using bronze color outliner on the wood peels. Brown paper used is handmade paper cut in the shape n glued to the card paper.

Paper Mache Photoframe

This is a paper mache photoframe made by soaking n sticking 1" wide torn newspaper strips in a paste of water+flour on mountboard. Base was made by using tissue paper. Acrylic colors were used n lastly varnishing was done for the final finish. More decoration was done by using fabric glitter outliner n embellishments.

Monday, July 14, 2008

इतना तो बरस कि ज़मीन गीली हो जाए,
इतना भी मत बरस कि इक आँख भी गीली न हो.............
वो क्या था जो गिरा पानी में और दायरा बनता गया,
बारिश का कतरा या किसी की आँखों से बहता हुआ दर्द...........

Monday, June 30, 2008

Aarti Thaal

This is Aarti Ka Thaal decorated by me. First I painted the Thaal with glass outliner in golden color and then filled it with red and green glass colors. After that I sticked kundan on it.
After that I pasted thermocol balls with a dot of Rangoli color fabric outliner on them and sticked green and purple kundans between them. Then I sticked blue and orange kundans.
On the inner edge of the Thaal I made a wavy design with Copper color fabric outliner and sticked blue kundans. Then I pasted a gota on the outer edge of the Thaal.
Then I sticked decorated diyas around the main design and lastly pasted gota flowers between the diyas and around the main design.

Embroidered Greeting Card

I made this greeting card by doing embroidery on a separate piece of tear-shaped paper, then pinked the edges with the help of pinking shears, pasted it onto a red card paper with the help of double-sided tape(to give an embossed effect), then made a design with silver glitter pen and sticked white kundan onto it.

Hand Painted Saree

This is fabric painting done on a synthetic chiffon saree, only three colors r used, orange, chrome yellow and olive green. Flowers are done by strokes of orange and yellow and then outlining is done by yellow. Leaves are done by olive green and yellow taken simultaneously on the brush.

Wall Hanging

This is a wall hanging done with glass outliner n glass colors on OHP sheet. The framework is done by interweaving blue n yellow satin ribbons on a thick paper frame. The shading in the leaves is done by blending green+yellow colors with the help of safety pin. For an extra effect I used a poem printed on a paper and pasted it behind the painting.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Know I Hurt You A Lot...........

I know I hurt you a lot...........
But you never complain, not a single word,
Who are you?
A normal human being or an angel in disguise for me?

There are times when you call me,
With a voice full of excitement,
To tell me about your latest achievement,
But go silent, as soon as you realise,
That I am sad and depressed,
You forget your happiness,
Your one and only aim becomes
to make me happy anyhow,
You cajole me, you caress me,
You support me,
You help me in every possible way,
And lastly, You hear me patiently,

But still, I fail to realise your efforts,
And I cry.........I shout at you,
I take out my frustrations on you,
But you don't utter a single word against me,

Honey!!! You say it or not..........
But, I know, I hurt you a lot.......

I know you love me very much,
I shed tears.........and you feel the sorrow within,
I hurt myself........ and you feel the excruciating pain,
But still,
Still I do all that without giving a second thought,
That's why Baby, I know, I hurt you a lot!

I find you always there, whenever I need you,
Night or day U always answer me,
My queries.............My worries,
I share all my feelings with you,
But you,
You never do that,
You never share your feelings with me,
Your agonies...........Your emotions,
You never make me aware of your problems,
You always show your usual cheerfulness to me,
Why Honey why??
Why don't you allow me to enter deep inside your heart?
Why don't you let me understand you?
I am lucky enough to say for what a friend I've got,
But deep in my heart, I know, I hurt you a lot...................

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Vini , my Mum & my Dad.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tie n dye

For this piece of cushion cover, I made 8 small bags of rice by tying them. On a closer view, prints of rice grains can be seen inside big circles. Small circles were made by tying grams. Biggest circle was made by tying the cloth with the help of rope n cellophene.

Tie n Dye

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fabric Painting on a Saree

Fabric Painting on a Bedsheet

The Motif

Embroidered Cushion Covers

Embroidery on another Table Cloth

For this tablecloth, I used only two stitches - 90% of the embroidery is done with Herring Bone & remaining 10% is done with Coral stitch.

Tie n Dye on a kurta

Embroidered n Sequinned Kurta

Embroidery On a Black Kurta

Embroidery on a tablecloth

Aankhen, Meri Aankhen

मेरी आँखें,
अंजानों की भीड़ में किसी अपने को ढूँढती मेरी आँखें,

किसी चेहरे पे टिकी नज़रें,
तो लगा जैसे की तुम हो,
पुलक उठे कदम उस ओर बढ़ने को,
पर फिर ख्याल आया,
तुम कैसे हो सकते हो,
तुम तो यहाँ हो ही नहीं,
वो चेहरा तो कोई और ही है,

कुछ मायूस हुई आँखें,
फिर से अनजाने-से लोगों के बीच तुम्हे ढूँढने लगी मेरी आँखें.

दिमाग सतर्क थे,
नज़रें चौकन्नी थी,
दूर-दूर तक अजब-सी शान्ति थी,
उस शान्ति में भी,
जाने क्यूँ मन बेचैन था,

दूर तक देखते हुए भी
शायद तुम्हें ही तलाश रही थी मेरी आँखें,
तुम्हें न सुन पाने की
शायद तड़प थी कानों में,
तुमसे न मिल पाने की
शायद कसक थी आंखों में,

इसीलिए शायद अपनों के बीच
तुम्हें ही ढूँढ रहीं थीं मेरी आँखें..............................


Bazaar me mili thi woh........
Jaane kahan se mere aage aa gayi thi,
ek haath badi bahan ne pakda huya tha,
doosre hath ko uski ma ne pakad rakha tha.
uski ma kuch talaashti huyi chal rahi thi,
badi bahan apni dhun me magan hoke chal rahi thi,
beech me chhote-chhote kadmon se
un dono ke sath chalne ki koshish kar rahi thi woh....
baar-baar mudke mujhe dekh rahi thi
jaane kya tha un aankhon me,
koi sawaal tairta hua,
ya mujhe lekar koi utsukta,
use dekhkar dil me khyal aaya kitna mast hota hai bachpan,
ro dein to kitne hath machal uthte hain aansu ponchhne ko,
girne lagein to kitne hath badh jaate hain thaamne ko,
khil-khila dein to sabke chehron par muskaan aa jaati hai,
chalte-chalte mai uske khyalon me gum ho gayi.........
aur mere khyalon se bekhabar
jaane kis raaste par gum ho gayi woh..........

Ek Tha Hero

Ek tha hero,
uske yahan baarish shuru ho gayi,
hero ka mann hua,
hero ne phone milaya,
bade pyar se puchha,
baarish ho rahi hai, mere sath bheegogi?
jawab mila haan,
hero ka mann romantic hone laga,
Tabhi hua dhamaka,
peechhe se aa gaye hero ke papa,
phone chhoot te-chhoot te bacha,
hero ghabraya,
romanticism hawa me udd gaya,
wo hakikat se takraya,
saari baatein baarish me beh gayin
aur heroin ko maza aaya...............

Bas Yun Hi............

Kabhi socha ki bas yun hi..........
Hum tum saath baithe hon,
Aur achaanak baarish shuru ho jaaye,
Tum baarish ki fuhaaron se bachne ki koshish karo,
Aur main baarish ki boondon ko apni anjuri mein bhar loon,
Tum ruk kar mujhe aisa karte huye dekho,
Aur main achaanak use tumhaari oar uchhaal doon...............
Kabhi socha ki bas yun hi.................
Hum tum saath lete hon,
Tum muskuraate huye meri oar dekh rahe ho,
Aur mai apni ungliyaan tumhaare baalon mein fira rahi hoon,
Tum sharaarat se mujhe apni oar kheenchne ki koshish karo,
Aur mai koi takiya uthaakar hum dono ke beech daal doon...........
Kabhi socha ki bas yun hi...................
Hum dono saath chal rahein hon,
Bheed se alag kisi tanhaayi mein,
Tum haule se mera haath apne haath mein le lo,
Aur mai tumhaare kandhe pe sar rakh doon,
Tum apni aankhon me satrangi sapney sanjo ke rakho,
Aur mai un sapnon ko chunkar apni aankhon me utaar loon..............