Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mosaic Pot

This is an earthen pot on which mosaic work is done. For this work, i used small broken pieces of waste bone china crockery n glued onto the pot. Then I made a paste of water+white cement n filled the spaces between the pieces. After 2 hrs I dampened the pot n removed cement that was adhered to the pieces. For coloring, I used Red enamel paint and outlined the pieces using Bronze outliner.


  1. Hi,

    its a nice attempt to mosaic pot. i have always seen grout been used for pots and was always wondering what is the alternate for indians to make as i am not sure here we use grout. thanks for the post now i know if i do one what can i use.

    another question, what did you use to glue the ceramic pieces on pot.

  2. Very nice indeed. White cement to be used for crafts is quite a creative idea... Maybe sooner would try one myself !