Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stencil Work

All these sarees n bedsheet is done by stencil work. For stencils, I traced the stencil design onto OHP sheets n then cut them using craft knife and small pointed scissors. I cut different stencils for different colors.
After that I diluted fabric paints in a small vessel and kept the stencils in the desired way on the cloth. Then using a piece of sponge/foam I did the stenciling work.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ज़मीन पर सितारे टूट कर यूँ आ गिरे हैं........
शायद किसी ने हमारे लिए अनगिनत खुशियाँ मांगी हैं........

Paper Quilling Greeting Card.

This is a paper quilling greeting card. I have used Royal blue acrylic color to give a wavy look of water as a base. Also pearl outliner for waves and bubbles. Fishes r done by quilling.

Mosaic Pot

This is an earthen pot on which mosaic work is done. For this work, i used small broken pieces of waste bone china crockery n glued onto the pot. Then I made a paste of water+white cement n filled the spaces between the pieces. After 2 hrs I dampened the pot n removed cement that was adhered to the pieces. For coloring, I used Red enamel paint and outlined the pieces using Bronze outliner.

Wood Peel Quilling Card

This is a wood peel quilling card. I simply used some already twisted peels and glued onto the card paper. Flowers were done in the same manner as a paper quilled flower is made. Did a little more decoration on them by using bronze color outliner on the wood peels. Brown paper used is handmade paper cut in the shape n glued to the card paper.

Paper Mache Photoframe

This is a paper mache photoframe made by soaking n sticking 1" wide torn newspaper strips in a paste of water+flour on mountboard. Base was made by using tissue paper. Acrylic colors were used n lastly varnishing was done for the final finish. More decoration was done by using fabric glitter outliner n embellishments.